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About Life Saver Surgical

Life Saver Surgical Industries develop and manufacture instruments that help world class surgeons operate at their optimum enabling safer and positive outcomes and help restore patient health. Our broad instrument range enables us to provide individual solutions for our customers often with very complex.. Learn More..

lifesaver-dental-extractorTooth Extraction Forceps

Life Saver forceps are ergonomic and lightweight to provide the perfect grip and power to dental professionals.

lifesaver-scissorsLife Saver Scissors Range

Life Saver scissors use latest technology enabling users to experience a new dimension in cutting and dissecting performance.

Surgical Scalpels & Knives

Surgical Knife, a very sharp blade that is used in surgery. Life Saver scalpel handles and blades are set apart due to their precision, consistency and reliability. A preferred choice of health care professionals worldwide the Life Saver brand offers a comprehensive range of Surgical Knives and also all surgical disciplines.


General Surgical Instruments

General Surgical instruments are used in most surgeries and form part of most procedures with additional instruments required for specialties i.e. plastic surgery, orthopedics, eye surgery. A comprehensive range of dissecting forceps, artery forceps, needle holders, retractors, scissors and other essential items for general procedures. Learn More..